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Our Mission

What is reality? Do we know or do we just think we know? Long ago the reality was the earth was flat, period.

Today we know that even though the chair you are sitting on appears to be solid it is actually is filled with space and atomic particles that are zooming around at the speed of light.

Is religion taking us to God and - or is physics taking us to God?

And, the questions also become….Are we personally taking ourselves to God and - or is God coming to us? 

Many of us are receiving messages and having new experiences that we might say are absolutely, “outside the box.”

What do we do with these? Who can we share and discuss these things with? Are people going to think we are crazy? Do we think we are crazy? Do we even want to pay attention to this information or is it, “too far out there?” If we do listen, learn and have new experiences, do we have the courage to share this new information?

Our Mission

The blog on our website is a perfect place to share with like minded people about the impulses, information, new thoughts, new ideas and new experiences we are having. Not only is it ok, but it is necessary to share and discuss all this, in order for us to keep the energy flowing and to expand our thoughts and experiences even more! It is up to us to be resilient, determined and yes, even focused on keeping our channels open. We need to express, share and enlighten the rest of us….as together we move the vibration of our energy higher and higher within ourselves and in our world! 

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Flying Shoes

You, as your father, grandfather, his grandfather, your mother, your grandmother and her grandmother and all those before you, worked hard for a living and were damn proud of it too!  Perhaps more than money, it was their expression of self worth, strength and love.

Our Mission

As a child, you played; it was your turn to fly with the wind!  “Where are those days?” you ask yourself as you put on your shoes for work.  These shoes don't know how to fly!

It's not your fault!  It's in your sleeping blood.  Flowing from your ancestors and back to you.  In your imagination, cut yourself quickly. Let all the old ideas run out.  Every drop!  Awaken your sleeping heart to the glory it knows naturally.  Breathe deeply as new ideas flows through your veins.  Take yourself out of the dark tunnel and into the sunlight.  You know how!

That child didn't disappear, you put this child to sleep!  Shake him or her from your bed; tell your inner child to wake up!  It's morning, a glorious new day!  Your inner child was not in the tunnel with you.  He or she is afraid of the dark.  Children only want to play in the light.  Let your inner child out of this cage!  Your inner child won't bite you.  When your inner child comes out to play, let him or her guide you.  Listen to new choices for ancient problems.  Your inner child is connected to the light - go there too!  See the bright colors turn into your dreams come true.

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