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What is Spiritual Coaching?

It is using Channeling, Metaphysical and Spiritual Energy to guide and support you to having your Intentions, Goals and Dreams become your Reality.

“It is turning on the light in all the corners of your belief system to show you there really are not any monsters hiding there or under the bed.” 

“Spiritual Coaching is learning how to recognize and leave the old beliefs behind, to see all the areas of your life from who you really are, a strong Spiritual Being who is loving and knows the truth.”  Susan Page

Have you heard the saying, “I can’t see the forest for the trees?” In Spiritual Coaching we leave the trees right where they are, while we appreciate and enjoy their beauty.  We also bring a picnic lunch to share.

Spiritual Coaching is taking situations, problems, fear, ideas and goals, etc. and turning the light on inside them to see what is really going on. Then when the illusion and mind drama is cleared away, we come up with a plan to take action in an enlightened way.

It is not about changing someone else or complaining about someone or a situation - it is having the intention to make the situation work for you in a way that is win/win energy for everyone involved.

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50% off for first time callers.
½ hour $47.25
1 hour $82.50

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"My husband and I have been married for a long time now. The romance and even friendship had faded away. We were strangers living in the same house. I was of course blaming him and he was blaming me.
As I had coaching with Susan, I realized I really love the guy and wanted my marriage back. With Susan's energy and my connection with her, I came to look at everything in a different light. Now my husband and I are back together in a loving, caring, fun way, like we were many years ago. Thank you Susan!"

- M. L. California

"I wanted to have my own business, make money and my intention was to help people, but I couldn't think of anything to do. As Susan and I talked about what makes me happy and my passion in life, she came up with the perfect idea. She even gave me resources to making my new business a reality. I am very happy and excited now. Thank you!"

- Liz New York

"I had been having problem with my sister ever since childhood. She always had an opinion, she always had to be right, and she had a very self-righteous tone of voice. Now as an adult, when I would see her at family events, I would brace myself before going and vow to stay as far away from her as possible. When I started coaching with Susan, she pointed out to me how very insecure my sister really is. I had never thought about that before. (I guess that is what Susan calls turning on the light).  Anyway, I realized she was 5 when I was born and that must have been traumatic for her. Now, with the light on, I felt all my frustration and anger slip away. When I see her, instead of gritting my teeth, I feel love and compassion for her. I really don't understand how this all works, but I can tell you with my new attitude towards her, she has become a completely different person! She is kind, interested in my life and also interesting to me. We laugh together now and have fun. We even talked about our childhood and the time we missed not being close. It's ok though, as we have each other now! Susan thank you so much for helping me create the space to have my sister as my best friend!"

- Mary, AZ

"I feel safe in my old paradigm, creating what I don’t want, even though I hate it!"

- From a potential client

 My response is; “Congratulations for knowing what you are doing. Now it is time to change your old paradigm by creating an inner knowing of safety as your new foundation - for the new paradigm you want to create in your life!”

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