Spiritual Enlightenment
It is Our Birthright to Live in the Light


Our Mission

Spiritual Coaching

People seek out Spiritual Coaching for many reasons. Sometimes when they feel, "stuck" in a situation or series of situations, they want expanded and new information to be free and move forward. Also, it can be important when they are ready to bring their old patterns of being into the light, with truth to transform the energy and thoughts that have been creating it. They no longer want to blame others; instead they want to take responsibility for what is happening now.

You can use Spiritual Coaching to raise your energy and look at situations in a different light. In that light, you can see clearly and change how you actually view situations, feel and live your life.

Psychic Readings

At Looking Beyond Master Psychics, we have Psychic Readers who are gifted and extremely accurate with the information they see, hear and feel. They do not need to discuss situations with clients, they only need the client to ask a question to give them a place to focus. They can answer questions in all areas of life, including relationships, jobs, messages from those who have passed over and life situations. These can be from the past, in the present and in the future.

New Thoughts – Thought Expansions

As many of us think the same kinds of thoughts over and over again, a new thought or expanded thought is one that makes us stop and realize we have moved beyond our old ways of thinking. It is on this website, in our community that these new or expanded thoughts are so very important.


Mind Drama in a Mind Box vs. Our Own Deep Truth

We may accept things from others, especially those we view as being authorities, experts, parents, teachers, etc. and incorporate these thoughts and ideas into our own beliefs, then we forget where they came from and feel them to be our own.