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About Us

Our Mission

We are a group of beings who are here to help guide you on your journey home to yourself, to being who you really are. You are magical beings who can naturally, from the higher vibrations of energy, create miracles in your lives.

Some of you are actually doing this already. However, you are calling it a coincidence or synchronicity. These range from finding a parking space in a crowded lot, to seeing an old friend you haven’t seen for years, knowing someone will call you or picking up the phone to call someone and they are already on the line, having called you.

Some of you may heal yourselves, channel words of wisdom, are aware of being happy more, have a deeper sense of well being, are more successful in all areas of your lives and are experiencing more love for yourselves and for others.

On this planet your experiences most recently have been the industrial age, then the information/technical age, and now 1000’s will create and experience the age of Enlightenment.
One of the reasons this time has come, is because so many of you are completely fed up with, tired of and even bored with going around in circles, trying to make your lives better. You have been feeling a lot of frustration, dread and running into, “dead ends” so; on an energy level you have sent a message, “enough is enough”.

You have probably heard when two or more are gathered together, the energy is much more powerful. That is what is happening now. We are using the energy and technology of this age to gather 1000’s of people who are ready to bond together to create heaven on earth, first inside the individual and as the natural next step worldwide, and then the vibration will move out into the universe.

We love you with all of our Beings and look forward to connecting with you on the Blog in this community!

The Beings of Matia

Channeled by Susan
7-4-2012 Happy Independence Day!