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My name is Susan Page. I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1946. I had a mother, father and two and a half years later a baby brother. When I was about 9 or so, my parents switched partners with another couple. One night my brother and I were sleeping over at my dad’s house with his new wife, and we heard shouting. We got out of bed, went to the kitchen to see what was happening and saw our “four parents” and two police officers. One of the officers kneeled down to our level and said, “Tomorrow morning your mother and your stepfather are leaving Chicago and going to California. Your dad and his wife are staying here. Which one do you want to be with?”

I don’t remember thinking it was a strange thing to ask me until I got older, but at that time the answer was clear because I didn’t really know my father all that well. We both said we would go with our mother. Where California was didn’t really matter. Also, the fact that my stepfather was a raging alcoholic didn’t seem to matter either.

It was about that time I made a decision; which was I really couldn’t count on my adults and I needed to take care of myself. I also decided as soon as I could when I grew up, I would have children. I would be a very good mom and my children and I would love each other very much. No, I didn’t want a dog or a cat to love, it had to be babies! That was comforting to me. (By the way I have two grown sons and we are still very close).

Please understand, I’m not saying everything was bad. There were happy, fun and close times while I was growing up too.

I’m telling you this because this community is a space to come out of the darkness and into the light. Having these experiences led me to being somewhat of a loner and making myself invisible. I had a mask on that showed the world everything was ok and it wasn’t. However the good news is, this opened me up to a really strong connection with Spirit.

I could actually feel Spiritual love flowing through me and it made everything that was happening seem somewhat at a distance and the love was always close by. I could hear loving words, and had an inner knowing everything was ok. I was safe, secure and deeply loved.

That inner knowing of being safe, secure and deeply loved is what this site is all about. It is feeling that for yourself, but also having connection with others who want this and giving it and receiving it from  each other.

Bringing us all together knowing we are all ok, with love, compassion and understanding, to support, encourage and transform into the strong Spiritual Beings we are changes everything! It opens us up to experience our enlightenment now.

I have a deep love for all of you and thank you for being here!