Spiritual Enlightenment
It is Our Birthright to Live in the Light

The Messenger

Our Mission

Copyright 8-2008 By Susan Page

You think life should be all flowers, happy faces, playing and laying in the soft green grass?

What then?  Would you know you are bored and restless?

Where would you find your challenges?  Would they fall from the sky and hit you in the head?

You – not a god who shields his eyes from that man who was rude or that woman who left you licking your lips with desire?

It’s not them.

In the night, when you were sleeping, you sent out a secret message to the messenger.  You know, the one who rides the marble steed in the sky and carries a sword.

The one you can just barely glimpse from the corner of your eye.

That messenger with the steel blue eyes and the bushy beard.

He rides faster than a shooting star to find the absolutely perfect situation for the lessons you now want to learn.

Already, in the morning, bright with the daylight, all the pieces are nicely organized for your drama.  The star performer, of course, is you.

Act I – Forget the message, forget the messenger.  Open your eyes innocently – blameless – ready to blame.

Act II – Get out of bed and start the old traditional tapes and movies playing in your head, (per the script, make sure you believe them).

Act III – Ride the horse on the Merry-Go-Round of life.  Round and round, wishing and wishing things were different, hoping soon things will change.

Final Act – Curtain closes on the day.  Eyes closed. Another message is sent with the messenger.  You know, the one who rides the marble steed in the sky.  Same props, same setup, same people, (maybe some with different faces).

Dig yourself out of your grave.

Turn over in your bed.

Sleep with your other mind open to new magical possibilities.

Stop looking for the familiar.

In the nighttime, get up from your bed.  Send a new message with the messenger.  You know, the one you pretend is not there.

Send a message from your heart of total responsibility for your creations. Send a message that will make your heart glad!  You know, that message of how you want your life to be.

Our Mission

Get up with joy in the middle of the night.

Watch the messenger ride on a new path.  When you are settled in the knowing that the message is new and pure, get back in your bed and close your eyes.

In the morning, the message will be clear and bright.

Smile, start noticing miracles, beauty, wonder and love.

Throw a flower to the messenger to carry – he has dropped his sword!