Spiritual Enlightenment
It is Our Birthright to Live in the Light

Spiritual Transformation

“It is so bizarre that I have hidden the truth from myself.” Susan Page

What Spiritual Transformation is not and what it is.  It is not adding anything to Your Self and it is not taking anything away from Your Self, it is just plain being your “Real – True – Self.”

How do we become that SELF who is God and knows beauty, love and truth….and is in a body - or you might say a temple -  that moves around with you?

There are many things you can do. Here are two of them:

  • Consciously raising your vibration….and living in that higher vibration.
  • Waking up from the illusion of life by recognizing when you are not in that higher vibration.

There are lots of ways to raise your vibration. I personally use these two:

  • Sit quietly or stand if you can be comfortable and imagine there is a “Golden Ball of Energy” over your head. Then slowly over a couple of minutes, simply feel that, “Golden Ball of Energy” come into your body through the top of your head. Then let it melt and flow inside and outside of your body, filling up every part of you. (Only do this if you are in a completely safe space and do not need to be aware of anything else, of course no driving.)
  • Have you ever held your hands in front of you, slightly apart and felt the energy between them? Then, after feeling that energy - move your hands farther apart from each other and still - you can feel that energy.

    As you do that, start to feel that energy vibration inside your body too, then expand it to move around your body and even farther out. You can fill you whole house with it, expand it to the end of the street you live on or expand it out to cover the whole world and the whole universe. It doesn’t matter how far you go with it. Do you know why? It is because that energy - vibration is already there! You are just letting yourself feel it, be aware of it and experience it. It includes everyone and everything. It is my personal explanation for the Unified Field.

    When you are living in the higher energy vibration – you will begin to notice much more clarity in all situations. You will notice and be awe inspired by people, places, things, and especially nature and animals too.

    Things that were, “problems” for you can disappear and/or the solutions will be as near as your breath.

    You will know your body is your temple and since you move around inside it and (ok, yes outside it too) you will know you are always in a place of worship.
  • Therefore, as you practice this and get used to it, waking up from the illusion by recognizing when you are not in the higher vibration….is anytime you are in a lower vibration and you will know it, because it is so different….and you know how to raise it.

Your intention is the flame that lights the way for your ENLIGHTENMENT. When you decide to make this a priority in your life, all of life will come together to help you.

I am excited to hear your own experiences, thoughts, ideas, insights and channeling about Spiritual Transformation on our forum! We are in this together!