Spiritual Enlightenment
It is Our Birthright to Live in the Light

Purple Velvet Pedal

Our Mission

Copyright June 2000

Sitting on a park bench, a man sat next to me.  He wasn't too tall, or too short.  His skin- brown, eyes- sparkling, mouth- no expression, but his eyes gave away his smile.  He was watching everyone and everything, all at once, yet not looking at anything in particular.

I said hello to him and in response he gave me a kiss on my lips.  His lips, like a Lotus blossom, opened me to my very inner most center.  Not shocked, no words came from
me to speak.  My mind, silent, had suddenly become filled with light.  I closed my eyes to feel the light; my whole being was filled with golden light – erasing any traces of my life before his kiss.

Being centered now, within myself, nothing mattered.  All problems and inner dialog melted into the light.  How deep could this light penetrate my being?  How could I keep myself in this body?  Deeper and deeper.  How many layers of consciousness do I have?

Now, in this space I knew any questions I ever had would be answered with truth and wisdom, but there were no questions to ask.

A vision came to me of beautiful flowers and my consciousness moved toward their fragrance.  They completely filled my senses and I knew they were God.

I gently touched a purple velvet petal and it fell into my hand.  A gift from God!  I put it in my pocket. 

I sat for a long time in the golden light with the flowers, perhaps many lifetimes, absorbing the light and the scent.  Finally, I noticed some memories creeping in.  At first they didn’t make any sense.  You know, like a movie when you come in, in the middle.  Then, I started to recognize these thoughts.

Still having no speech, it seemed time to go.  I opened my eyes.  I was still in the park, sitting on the bench.  The man was gone. 

I got up and walked home, all the while, thinking about my dream.  Floating, not quite being able to wake up, my house looked different – somewhat foreign and brighter, I think. 

I was dazed from my dream.  I made some tea and started a warm bath.

As I removed my clothing, my eye was drawn to a purple velvet petal that had fallen to the floor. 

I stared with disbelief, then bent to pick it up.  See – here it is in my locket!