Spiritual Enlightenment
It is Our Birthright to Live in the Light

Hey You

Our Mission

Hey you, little man
crouched in the corner
of your little room
in the huge mansion-
all bent over in the corner
counting out your money
and your love-
Your back to the door,
A small light shining in the corner,
just enough to see what you are doing,
no more

Are there monsters or angels
in the darkness in your room?
Who knows?
You are so busy in your corner
of made-up importance
no thought to look for monsters or angels

Hey you, little man
Stand up
Your legs are cramped
Your shoulders bent forward
to protect the secret valuables
you are counting

Stretch your legs
Stretch your arms
Your head and neck hurt from bending forward
Stand straight and tall
Turn on the ceiling light
Let the whole room flood with light

Open your door
Walk down the hall
Knock on closed doors
Ask others to come out to play

Go down the stairs
Look around in all the nooks and crannies
What treasures can you find?
Open the dark, musty closets
Pull the chain to turn on the lights
Throw away the old clothes, newspapers and junk

Open the front door
Go outside in the sunlight
Breath deeply
Let the fresh air fill your lungs
Run in circles around the house
Get used to being outside

Go down the walkway,
out into the world
Smell the fragrant flowers
Watch the white, puffy clouds move across the sky
Watch a child
He will teach you how to live
Watch the river
It will teach you how to flow
Watch a bird
He will teach you how to fly

Do you want to be left behind?
Do you want to miss the experiences?
Join in the dance of life
What do you think life is all about anyway?

Go back home to your little room
Leave the light on
Throw all your money and love out the window
to share with all those
who have been waiting to love you!

- Susan Page