Spiritual Enlightenment
It is Our Birthright to Live in the Light

Your Heart

Our Mission

Copyright 2000

Listen to your heart,
not to your mind.
Minds think they are all knowing,
yet know little or nothing of love.

Listen to your heart,
it speaks the truth,
but very softly.
Quiet your mind,
that is when your heart can speak.

Listen with your inner self.
Your ears are accustomed to listening to your mind.

When you know the difference between mind and heart,
you know the truth.

The mind thinks, figures, judges
and says it wants to know peace and truth.

The mind doesn't know how to be still.

Climbing a mountain, the mind will remind you
to take water, bread
and a blanket for survival.
This is good advice,
but is it the advice you are always looking for?

Drink from a pure stream,
the sweet waters of wisdom and love.

Your heart can lead you there.

Be at peace with your heart,
follow that advice.

The mind creates chaos,
the heart creates magic and miracles
and oneness with God.

- Susan Page