August is zooming by! How is your summer? What did you do? I would love to hear from you!

Love and blessings!



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I would like to share with you I will not be able to post from July 9, 2013 until August 15, 2013. At that time, not only will I be posting, but I will be doing everything I know to do to contact you and others who also have an inner knowing about teaching, expanding and sharing while being together in the energy of being strong, confident Spiritual Beings living in the light!  I hope you will post your ideas, thoughts, stories and feelings about your own life experiences.

May you truly know and express your loving light!


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Happy Independence Day to you!


As we celebrate Independence Day of our country, some of us will have parties and watch amazing fireworks.  Others, having the day off will use today experiencing the freedom to do what they want to do, what makes them happy.

I suggest that the freedom of our country is because of individuals who felt strongly about their own personal freedom.  They didn’t feel like victims, but instead made the decision and had the intention to be free!

Today, and always, keep your own personal freedom in mind. What makes you happy? What makes you feel whole and complete?

As each of us lives with the light on in personal lives, we live in, not just our own country, but in a world of wisdom and deep communication and love for all.

Happy Independence Day to YOU and may you be free within yourself every day!

Much love and many blessings to you and yours!


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Moving into love and light together!

Sometimes we may feel frustrated with our enlightenment progress. Yet, if you take the time to look back at how you felt, acted and communicated even a short while ago, you will see your energy is actually at a higher level now.

It is very important to let go of what we think we did wrong, as perfection is not our goal. We are striving to be our confident, loving, compassionate, strong, powerful Spiritual Being. Remember that being is already who we are.

At this point, we only need to connect with it.  When we connect, we are somewhat disassociated from our, “mind drama”, it is just not as important to us as it was.  This gives us the ability to still deal with all of our situations, but from energy of truth and wisdom.

It used to be only a few people on the planet could reach this level of awareness and others were either not interested or struggled to attain this freedom. Now, there are thousands of us who are ready, willing and aware.  We are moving forward in our own way and in our own time.  We can support each other on the path which can make the path smoother and then we can notice the beautiful flowers blooming on either side.  We are finding each other now and we are moving into love and light together!

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Our Spiritual Love Connection

Coming out of the closet with our spiritual love connection –

If someone asks you who you are what would you say? Perhaps, I’m a mother or father, a lawyer, baker or Indian chief. We tend to identify with our, “roles” in life as who we are. Those roles are important as they carry a lot of weight for us. We have huge amounts of responsibility as part of those roles. People count on us. We must show up and be those roles, yet when we search ourselves deeper, those roles, although still very important can actually change, soften and become more clear…..and even “enlightened”.

“How can I do that?”

Underneath your roles and your emotions, emotions meaning ones we call negative like anger, resentment, frustration, being defensive, etc. and positive emotions such as compassion, love, joy and peace, we are something at the very core of ourselves that is not an emotion, that is really us.

At this point we do experience emotions, we are not Vulcans.  These emotions, negative and positive are usually triggered by something someone else does or says, (or doesn’t do or say.)  “He said he loves me, I’m on cloud 9” “She was mean to me. I’m going to stay away from her.”  We are always trying to find someone to make us feel connected, part of something, whole, loved and wanted. We don’t realize we are all in the same boat, all looking for the same thing. What a out of control roller coaster ride we are on. Now is the time to slow the roller coaster ride down, then stop it and get off.  “How, can I get off?”

By realizing you are a strong, powerful (powerful meaning you have the power to be your real self) Spiritual Being.

“How can I realize that?”

By coming out of the closet and being YOU!

“How can I when I’m stuck in my roles?”

By finding the YOU inside of the light and love that is inside of your Self.

“I get glimpses of it, but can’t hang on to it. How can I do that? What are the steps I can take?”

When you react to something someone says or does, stop and look inside yourself for the truth of why you reacted and what that other person is experiencing that caused him or her to do what they did.

  1. By taking the time and making it important to notice and appreciate as many things each day as you possibly can. That means for, yourself, nature, people, animals, places and things….everything.
  2. By saying, “I love you”. First and most often to yourself, then everyone else.

“How can I say I love you to everyone else? That doesn’t make sense?”

You are absolutely right! “It doesn’t make sense right now however, there are 1000’s of people just like you and me who are ready to say, “I love you!” Some are consciously aware of it and others are becoming aware.

A true story: I was at the grocery store the other day. I was checking out and somehow out of the blue the checker, a man maybe in his 30’s or 40’s started talking about love. I said I thought we should all be able to tell each other we love them, that it could change the world. To my surprise, he said he already does that….or did, until his girlfriend, (who didn’t understand) said how can I believe you love me, when you tell everyone that? (I understand in the Spanish language, they have many words for love, many different kinds of love. I sure wish the English language did too!)  Just then a man who was coming to bag my groceries came up and joined our conversation. I think our energy was so good, we attracted another bagger to come over and he joined us too. When I was ready to leave, all my groceries packed in my cart and as I turned to leave, all 3 of those men and I shouted I love you to each other! I left there feeling ecstatic! I’m not sure I noticed the reaction of other people in the store, but I seem to remember people smiling.

In English to use the words, “I love you” to everyone, we would just need to use common sense. If you meet a friend on the street, have a conversation, and then when parting said, “I love you”, you both would be clear about what you mean. Saying, “I love you” doesn’t need to mean I want to set up housekeeping with you.  It would be defined by the situation. If you were unclear, you can always start an interesting conversation about exactly what it means, how it made you feel and how wonderful love is.

If people (you) would be willing to talk to their (your) friends about, “coming out of the closet with love” and agree how wonderful it would be to give and receive the gift of love, it would be a start. You can always bring it up (without being obtrusive) and create a prior understanding.

Can you imagine, having someone say, “I love you” to you with love and joy in their heart, with enthusiasm in their voice and a light from deep inside them shining through their eyes? How would you feel? How would they feel? How would having that vibration and energy resonate out to others and travel the planet near and far feel to all of us?

What if saying, “I love you” from our hearts became viral! What if we (you and I) created heaven on earth after all!

What do you think? Please let me know.


Susan Page

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Getting Things Done….A Shift to Our Inner Wisdom

We have so much to do. With all the “toys and gadgets” we have today, I would think life would be easier, but sometimes it’s not. We have our to-do lists, our responsibilities and it can be hard to stop and listen to our inner Spiritual voice. Also, it seems our minds really want us to follow our old patterns and that can make it even harder.

There are ways to slow down and listen to your own inner wisdom. The first way is to actually get inside your body. We don’t realize how scattered we can become.  However, it is like we are thinking and being outside of ourselves.

To be inside your body simply means to visualize and feel yourself inside your body. You can do that by touching your forehead with your finger and imagining your energy floating back inside your body. You can also do this by just thinking about being inside your body and looking out from behind your eyes. Another way is to be still and softly call your energy back to you. As you practice this you will notice a completely different way of being. The scattered energy disappears and you notice you are centered and grounded. Being inside your body is very helpful on your Spiritual path.

Next, you can specifically speak to your wise inner self. It is like having your own personal consultant. You can ask a question and get a straight answer, not a lot of noise or confusion, but a clear, logical and loving answer.

Yes, everything you need to do will still be there, safe and sound however, you will notice it all flows much easier, becomes more interesting and fun and you actually can get a lot more accomplished.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.  Please post on our blog, on our forum or call me at 408-353-2434. I would be delighted to hear from you!

Love and many blessings to you,





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Turn painful negative emotions into love, light and wisdom within ourselves, our planet and within the unified field.

Raising the energy on the planet to love and light is still my intention, however now I also realize that as everything comes from the unified field, the Realm of all AND goes back into the unified field – when we transform painful negative emotions into love, light and wisdom, and the vibration of that old pain goes back into the unified field, our vibration goes back in a much higher state of well being.

Therefore, when it comes back out again to serve us, our individual purposes, it is a much higher energy and gives us more love, light and wisdom to work with. The higher vibration makes it easier for us to become our true selves while we are here in bodies. Our DAILY energy, feelings, decisions, etc. can be transformed into love, light and wisdom and then changes ourselves, the planet and – raises the structure and vibrations of the field.

Then when we are “pulling, magnetizing, creating” from a pool of higher energy to start with, these lower energies we experience now will no longer be our ingrained experiences. They will be interwoven with new higher energy and it will be much easier to not only be our true loving, confident Spiritual beings, but also create heaven on earth.

This is our purpose, to create a much higher energy vibration of love and light, for ourselves, for the planet and within the energy of all that is.

God is not stagnant. God is ever in motion, growing, changing, and expanding through our learning and experiences. God can only present to us what we can accept and resonate with. Jesus couldn’t heal the sick if the sick didn’t want to be healed.

We can do what he can do, as we are him and he is us. We are ALL God and we must be willing to know that.

Unfortunately, we have been taught and learned well – the energy of victimization. As God what can we do with that? It is kind of like giving a starving person food, who has no mouth to eat. That might be too strong an analogy, but now we do have food and we do have a mouth and we need to nourish ourselves by releasing old thoughts, traditions and raising our energy to the levels of being deliberate creators.

Notice your energy, choose to change it to light, love and wisdom, and then move forward in your day. Your day will change, your life will change, the planet and the field will change. You are important and YOU make a difference!

Be who you really are, love, light and wisdom!

I am excited to hear about your experiences, thoughts and ideas!

Much love to you!


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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