We are all loving beings. It is built into our Hearts, Spirits and Souls. Even the beauty of nature is love and if we notice it, it always surrounds us with love. The trees, flowers, birds and butterflies, all send us loving energy.
We seem to be so busy with our “To Do” list, we rush around and don’t notice the sky, clouds, even children playing in the park.
When we do notice an empty space inside ourselves, the space where love lives, we look outside our ourselves, hoping someone else can fill that empty space with love.
Yet, even if another person does love us, their love cannot fill that space and make us whole.
What can we do? Stop, look around, find nature, or Spirit or Divine Consciousness to anchor love inside yourself, bring it home into that space. Smile, pay attention to it. Get used to it and enjoy the peace it brings you. After all it belongs to you ….and it is who you really are.
I love you!
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