We all want to be happy, but reasons we justify as important issues keep getting in our way. Many of us think that once a problem is solved, we will be happy. However, it seems like something else always comes along to distract us and give us a new problem to solve.

What can we do? How about taking a step back from problems and looking at them like a glitch in the road, something that will eventually pass along in a stream of life’s issues.

Instead of dread and worry, how about thinking of new ways to be creative and even ask friends and family to join in and brainstorm solutions, or write a list of problems and ask your higher self for answers, listen to ideas in whispers or as clues as you move through your day.

It is important to be happy for yourself and those around you. Notice the flowers blooming, the trees swaying in the breeze, the children playing at the park, the dogs and cats who live in your home or down the street.

Make a smile list and look at it often. Use triggers around your home or at work to help you remember to smile.

Be happy and you will live in a happy world.

Peace, love and happiness to you!

I love you!

Susan Page




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