Are we always waiting? For a bus, for a better job, for the love of our lives? For tomorrow when things will be more calm, hopefully have less to do, maybe a good surprise and a happier day?

Why isn’t this very moment good enough to stop and enjoy? Look around. Where are you? Find some beauty right there waiting to be noticed. A flower, a poem, a bubble bath, a good book, perhaps a child’s smile.

YOU, my love as part of the larger scope of life are absolutely perfect exactly as you are in this precious moment. Be grateful you are who you are. A unique individual in a swirling pool of life. Stand up for who you are, be proud and happy to contribute your energy, your smile, your personality to the rest of us. We can all feel you as we are all connected in the world of Spirit and creation.

You are meant to be here now….and be exactly who you are and where you are….right now while you are reading this. Your breath, flows in and out of your body and mingles with all of us.

Being you, gives each one of us permission to join you and be ourselves. Be Happy, and each one of us feels happy. Be loving and each one of us feels loved.

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Lets share our wisdom and our love. Lets raise the energy on the planet together.

I love you!
Susan Page

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  1. ourenlightenmentnow says:

    I enjoyed this

    • ourenlightenmentnow says:

      I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. I truly appreciate you and your comment!
      Love and Blessings!