Precious Moments…..Falling in love with life

When you first wake up in the morning what is on your mind? Problems at home or work? A list of important tasks and errands? Complex situations and people to deal with?

Or perhaps you have moved into an almost movie or storybook reality of waking up smiling, singing a favorite song, being happy just to be alive? Not likely?

We know life is beautiful and it is whizzing by way too fast, but what can we do?

We have all heard about love and appreciation, but how can we focus there and still focus on these important issues?

How can we be even a little bit disassociated from all those things? How can we flow love into these tunnels of life we must go through like a soldier on a mission before the end of the day and then hopefully find light and peace?

We must “upgrade” our awareness by seeing the beauty of life and letting it into our world. You might feel alone, but please know love and the beauty of life are right here with us….and waiting for you to say, “hello” and welcome them.

How simple it is to say, “hello” and notice the beauty of a flower, the sky, and the trees swaying gently to the music of the breeze, the moon and the stars?

Be like the child you were when everything was new and exciting or pretend you are visiting from another planet, here for the first time. Awe inspired.

When you remember to notice the love and beauty of all of nature… will find the same love and beauty within yourself and within others.

Your world will change and you will do your part to raise the energy of our planet to love and peace for all of us. Share your love and others will share their love too.

I love you!


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