Enlightenment Now

How is it possible to be enlightened now? The secret is love.  Love is a vibration and it is everywhere. How can you find that specific vibration? Simply go to a quiet safe space, close your eyes and imagine a golden ball over your head filled with love. Let that energy slowly come down into your body. Feel it filling every space from your head to your toes and your skin to your bones. Sit in that glow. Talk to it. Welcome it and invite it to become a part of your body and your thoughts. Practice this until you can own love as who you really are. Soon you will get used to having it and you will actually be love. If you notice it has faded or disappeared, you know how to get it back.

When you become love, you will have the experience of being a loving spirit in your body. When that happens, you can notice things, events and people who used to upset you don’t bother you anymore. It is because you are residing in a higher vibration and may even smile to yourself.

We all know we cannot change anyone else, but we can change ourselves. I know a lot of people who sincerely want to raise the energy on our planet. Being love is a way we can join together to make our world a more friendly and loving place to live.

Hold my hand in the vibration of love and together we can all live in the light, know truth, have wisdom and be happy.

I love you!




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