Turn painful negative emotions into love, light and wisdom within ourselves, our planet and within the unified field.

Raising the energy on the planet to love and light is still my intention, however now I also realize that as everything comes from the unified field, the Realm of all AND goes back into the unified field – when we transform painful negative emotions into love, light and wisdom, and the vibration of that old pain goes back into the unified field, our vibration goes back in a much higher state of well being.

Therefore, when it comes back out again to serve us, our individual purposes, it is a much higher energy and gives us more love, light and wisdom to work with. The higher vibration makes it easier for us to become our true selves while we are here in bodies. Our DAILY energy, feelings, decisions, etc. can be transformed into love, light and wisdom and then changes ourselves, the planet and – raises the structure and vibrations of the field.

Then when we are “pulling, magnetizing, creating” from a pool of higher energy to start with, these lower energies we experience now will no longer be our ingrained experiences. They will be interwoven with new higher energy and it will be much easier to not only be our true loving, confident Spiritual beings, but also create heaven on earth.

This is our purpose, to create a much higher energy vibration of love and light, for ourselves, for the planet and within the energy of all that is.

God is not stagnant. God is ever in motion, growing, changing, and expanding through our learning and experiences. God can only present to us what we can accept and resonate with. Jesus couldn’t heal the sick if the sick didn’t want to be healed.

We can do what he can do, as we are him and he is us. We are ALL God and we must be willing to know that.

Unfortunately, we have been taught and learned well – the energy of victimization. As God what can we do with that? It is kind of like giving a starving person food, who has no mouth to eat. That might be too strong an analogy, but now we do have food and we do have a mouth and we need to nourish ourselves by releasing old thoughts, traditions and raising our energy to the levels of being deliberate creators.

Notice your energy, choose to change it to light, love and wisdom, and then move forward in your day. Your day will change, your life will change, the planet and the field will change. You are important and YOU make a difference!

Be who you really are, love, light and wisdom!

I am excited to hear about your experiences, thoughts and ideas!

Much love to you!


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2 Responses to Turn painful negative emotions into love, light and wisdom within ourselves, our planet and within the unified field.

  1. mma odds says:

    Hello , you are awsome writer, i love http://www.ourenlightenmentnow.com

    • Susan Page says:


      You are awesome! I truly appreciate your comments and I’m so happy you like our site. I said, “our site” meaning yours and mine and everyone who posts here. I would love to hear more about you and what your experiences are! Each time you share an experience, a thought or an idea, you expand and inspire everyone who reads it! YOU are an important part of us all raising our energy to live in the light!

      Love and many blessings to you!